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A cattle herder found my camera trap... Stolen by hyenas about a month ago! Not exactly fixable! ... See MoreSee Less

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Watch: Just a quarter inch (five millimeters) long, male peacock spiders are known for their brightly colored backs and mating dances.

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The oldest known wild spotted hyena turned 23 on November 7th! Navajo featured thought my PH.D. dissertation- I cooked a lot of her poop in order to measure her hormone levels at various times during her epic life. Let's hope she makes it to 24!!!

A great blog post about NAV from Hadley of the Mara Hyena Project:
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I am an American biologist slowly morphing into a science-nature-adventure writer. I am ultimately interested in our relationships with the natural world, and I mainly write features about wildlife research and conservation, the environment, and travel in wild (and some not-so-wild) places.

I was born and raised in the small town of Titusville, Pennsylvania. Titusville’s main claim to fame is the world’s first oil well, drilled by Colonel Edwin L. Drake in 1859. Ida Tarbell, a muckraker of note, also called Titusville home for a number of years.

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