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My high school calculus teacher called it “THE Calculus” as did Feynman. ... See MoreSee Less

Physicist Richard Feynman died 30 years ago today. Recently we took a look inside a notebook he used in high school to teach himself calculus. "Feynman’s calculus notes illustrate one of the famous physicist’s defining qualities: his insatiable curiosity," writes Melinda Baldwin. "When he found a subject that interested him, he was not about to wait for the right teacher to come along; he was determined to master it himself.

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I am an American biologist slowly morphing into a science-nature-adventure writer. I am ultimately interested in our relationships with the natural world, and I mainly write features about wildlife research and conservation, the environment, and travel in wild (and some not-so-wild) places.

I was born and raised in the small town of Titusville, Pennsylvania. Titusville’s main claim to fame is the world’s first oil well, drilled by Colonel Edwin L. Drake in 1859. Ida Tarbell, a muckraker of note, also called Titusville home for a number of years.

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