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Eating Giants: Hippo

At the end of my last post, I promised to write more about suburban lions within a day… long as nothing else exciting happened on the plot. Well, something exciting did indeed happen and I am finishing up a post about Syke’s monkeys, lesulas, and kipunjis…

In the mean time, apparently I was on tv in the USA last night. Animal Planet aired Eating Giants: Hippo as the first part of a two-part special about what happens to carcasses – who eats first, how long things take, etc. If you missed it, you can watch the video on Animal Planet’s website here.

The show was originally filmed for Channel 4 in the UK, and was titled Hippo: The Wild Feast. I was brought on as the hyena girl, joining the croc lady, the bug girl, the vulture guy, a couple of lion guys and presenter Mark Evans, one of the hosts of Inside Nature’s Giants. It was an incredible filming experience (we even did some live broadcasts!) and South Luangwa, Zambia, is a stunning safari destination.

The show has been reviewed in the NY Times (here).